Hands Off Organizing

Confidential Hands Off professional paper organizing services take the decision fatigue out of organinzing your papers

How does hands off organizing work?

I will come to your home for an in-home consultation. During this 45 minute session you will discuss your current paper systems, sign any necessary paperwork, and ask me any questions that you might have.

I will leave you with as many bankers boxes as you will need to contain all of your paperwork. You will determine what you are going to send to me to be decluttered and sorted. (I recommend sending it all but you may want to start with one box at first) You will schedule a pick-up for one week after your in-home consultation. This can be for porch pick up if you are too busy to meet in person.

I will get to work decluttering and sorting your boxes. The time it takes will vary depending on how many boxes you have sent with me. I will update you weekly with my progress either by text or email. If I come across anything that needs immediate attention, I will contact you asap.

Once I have finished I will return all papers that needed to be kept. They will be sorted into these six categories: home reference, household operations, medical, financial, memorabilia, and current actionables. This will be an in-person meeting to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. 

The average bankers box can hold up to 3000 pieces of paper.  

That is a lot of decisions! 

Is hands off organizing right for me?

Ask yourself these questions-

If you answered yes to any of these, then this is definitely a service you should consider. If you have questions or concerns about allowing an organizer to have access to your papers without you being present, schedule a call and we can address that together.