1:1 In-Person Organizing

Confidential on-site professional paper organizing sessions offer gentle guidance and non-judgmental support. Two hour per session minimum.

How does in-person professional paper organizing work?

Getting Started

During your in-person professional paper organizing sessions, you will work side by side with your organizer to quickly and confidently identify and meet your decluttering and organizing goals.

You will be making all of the decisions! There is good news and bad news here: decision-making can be tiring, but it gets easier with practice, and your organizer will help simplify things for you.

After careful listening, your organizer will offer customized suggestions for developing systems for your important papers and can help you to decide what to do with papers you no longer need. The work may feel slow at first, but as you and your organizer work together, you will establish decluttering and organizing criteria that will make the process go more quickly. You will also find clarity and focus for your priorities.

You are building your decluttering and organizing “muscles” and, like a personal trainer, your organizer will support you in making powerful choices and teach you the skills you need in order to keep new organizing systems in place.


All new systems will benefit from routine maintenance. The organizing systems that you and your organizer establish will help you to create new habits that make maintenance a part of your daily or weekly routine. Quarterly check-ins by phone or zoom can be scheduled with your organizer until you feel confident in your new paper organizing systems.

What if my paper clutter is the worst you have ever seen?

It won’t be. I have seen it all! I understand that “life happens” and clutter accumulates. You are not your clutter! I will guide you to move through the areas where you feel stuck or overwhelmed. Complete confidentiality and non-judgment are hallmarks of my work.