1:1 Organizing Guardianship Focus

Confidential professional paper organizing sessions with a focus on Guardianship offer gentle guidance and non-judgmental support. Two hour per session minimum.

Why I offer paper organizing with a guardianship focus:

In 2018 my father was found unresponsive in his home and as a result spent ten days in the hospital. For the first five days he was in a coma and on a ventilator. As he started waking up we realized that he was suffering with severe memory impairment. He spent the next twenty four days in the memory care wing of a nursing home. His diagnosis was dementia. The nursing home would only release him if he was going to have in-home care so he came to live with me and my family.

Living with a parent with dementia is difficult. I soon realized that it would be in everyone's best interest if I filed for guardianship. Even though my mind knew this was the best decision for us, my heart wasn't convinced. I felt a lot of guilt, anxiety, and fear. I didn't want my father to feel "less than" or angry with me for taking away his independence. It took me two years to finally get the courage to become his guardian.

One thing that would have helped me make this decision sooner is if I had been able to find some kind of support. Someone to come alongside me and tell me what to expect. I felt like a trailblazer because no one I knew had ever become the guardian over their parent. It was the fear of the unknown that kept me from moving forward.

I want to be that support for you. I will come alongside you and use what I have learned over the last several years to set you up for success as the guardian over your loved one.

What is included in the Guardianship Focus?

We will begin by discussing your needs and the needs of your ward. From there, we will work through the normal steps of paper organizing. Purge, sort, file, and establish systems.

The Guardianship Focus System includes:

  • a command center

  • an inventory of assets as required by the court

  • a medical binder

  • an expense tracking system

  • a walk through of your biennial accounting report

*Disclaimer: I am only a Professional Paper Organizer, I can not give legal advice.